Paragliding course in Bir Billing

Paragliding Course in Bir Billing

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Paragliding Course in Bir Billing

If you have the desire to learn how to para glide, this course is for you.
This paragliding course in Bir Billing will make you comfortable being in the skies all alone, you learn active piloting skills and develop good judgement and maturity for paragliding.

Paragliding Basic Course ( 7 Days )

Paragliding basic course includes A bit of history, your Flying Equipment, the part of paragliders, 3 days Ground Handling, Learning to supply, Beginner skills,
And how to control your wings , watching the wind, wind speed, wind direction, Take off, alpine launches,turning,Landing procedure,4 Days short flying.

Paragliding Intermediate Course ( 14 Days )

Paragliding Course in Bir BillingParagliding intermediate course includes Short Flying, Medium Flying,High Flying, flying condition, Pressure system, Frontel system, Clouds types, weather, Daily variation, turbulance, thurmling, Learning to the soar, ridge Soaring, Fligh plan, Reverse inflation, Crosswind takeoff, turn variation, Landing complication, emergency procedure, learning 360*(left & right)
Tight 360*, Novice Skills and the rule of the air.

Cost for Paragliding Course

Basic course: INR 15000 per person
Full course: INR 35000 per person 

Inclusive of

  • Transportation during course to site, all guides, instructor, guide Equipment. 
  • Cost does not include transportation before and after the course, accommodation, & meals before and after the course and kind of insurance.
  • The itinerary is sub jest to change.
  • Client has to sign a risk certificate before the beginning of the course.
  • Best time Oct. and Nov. 
Paragliding Course in Bir Billing

Paragliding course in Bir Billing covers

  • Forward and reverse inflation of paraglider
  • Canopy handling and kiting skills
  • Cross wind launches
  • Air speed control
  • Roll and pitch control
  • Alternating S-turns
  • Weight shift turns
  • Introduction to ridge soaring
  • Flight safety
  • Paragliding safety rules & Ridge rules
  • Theory – aerodynamics, airmanship & micro-metreology
  • Cross country
  • Pargliding flight  safety forms the backbone of training programme. We use the best paragliders. Trainee  paraglider pilotsare provided by certificate,logbooks&flight manual.
Paragliding Course in Bir Billing


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