Bir Billing Paragliding

When you think of Paragliding destination, a name might strike in your mind that is Bir Billing Paragliding.
Yes, Bir Billing is the best place for Tandem Paragliding in Asia and hold a place as 2nd best destination in the world because of its geographical and weather conditions. You will take off right above the Dhauladhar Mountains, which gives you the best scenic picturesque views and a kind of calmness feeling of mountains.  And you will land at the beautiful town of Bir.

Bir is also famous for Tibetan market, tea gardens and Monasteries. You will find a mix of local culture and colours of Tibetan religion in the town. The colourful Tibetan market gives a beautiful blend to the town as well as the beautiful monasteries.

The normal paragliding flight is for 10 to 30 minutes which takes of from Billing (situated at 8000 feet from sea label) and landing at Bir Choughan (4300 feet from sea label).

How you can book Bir Billing Paragliding with us?

Bir Billing Paragliding

Contact our Bir based office Billing Adventures of Himachal:
Call: +91 9736018883

You can book through our website and pay via online at .
Also you can get discount for group booking if you have more than 5 pax. Ask for a package tour including Camping, Trekking and Paragliding.

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